Family Photoshoot: Philip, Neha, & Arwen

It is always such a pleasure to meet new friends and recently I had the honor of meeting Philip, Neha, and Arwen Crosby. I was asked if I could do a photoshoot in a casual setting such as their backyard and my answer was “of course!” This setting allowed the family to be in their comfort zone while giving me the opportunity to be creative and to also to capture the family in their element. For me, being a photographer is about capturing “moments” and not always about posing people to look a certain way. Philip and Neha were a little hesitant about the photoshoot since baby Arwen is only a year old and like most babies have a hard time sitting still!! Since I have a 1 year old of my own I felt that I had the advantage and the experience of taking snapshots of a moving target! I had a lot of fun with this photoshoot and after all was said and done Philip and Neha were pleased with the final outcome. Here are a few of the shots from our backyard session. Enjoy!