Humpback whales under the Golden Gate Bridge (July 2017)

Oh… what to say about this unexpected whale sighting under the Golden Gate!?

My daughter Gianna and I had planned on going whale watching in Monterey Bay but, when I went to buy tickets I found out the date on the website was incorrect and we had missed the actual date. So, we decided to go to San Francisco instead. We drove around the city, ended up near Sausalito, and then walked on the Golden Gate bridge. As soon as we started our walk on the bridge we noticed the whales expelling air out of their blowholes. At first we saw one, then another, and another! We tried to count all of the whales that we could see and it was at least 10-15. They swam around the Golden Gate for more than an hour feeding. It was one of the most amazing things that I have ever seen and so unexpected. This experience beat out the whale watching plan that we had because we were able to see them from a different perspective. Although we were high above them it gave us the advantage of seeing their entire body length, flippers, and blow holes. I thought I would share a few of my favorite photos from the day. Enjoy!20170717-4W1A658620170717-4W1A650120170717-4W1A642020170717-4W1A650820170717-4W1A647720170717-4W1A647020170717-4W1A652620170717-4W1A659220170717-4W1A660720170717-4W1A6484