Landscapes: Road Trip to Northern California

Summer time is here and a quick road trip was in order to seek out a few waterfalls after this years heavy rains. My daughter and I drove 5 hours north to Mineral, CA to visit Mossbrae falls. Mossbrae falls is only accessible by walking 30 minutes down an active railroad track which was a fun adventure. Next, we drove 45 minutes to Burney CA to visit McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park. Burney Falls was our mission and it was well worth the visit! Both Mossbrae and Burney waterfalls are rather unique and very beautiful. It amazes me how many beautiful places California has to offer. I have lived in California my entire life and I am still finding new places to explore. My daughter Gianna, and I spent our final day wandering around Lassen Volcanic National Park and were quite impressed with the many unique things it had to offer. Cyndercone volcanos to hike to the top of, painted dunes, and Devil’s Kitchen with high hydrothermal activity. Well worth a visit! Get out and explore, it will change your life and will also give you something magical to remember.