My Photography Journey


Many people have asked how I started my journey into Photography, well, here is a little insight. I have always had a love for photography but, never had the money to invest in a better camera or camera equipment. So, as many people do I continued to shoot on my iPhone or on my Canon Rebel but didn’t take the time to actually learn what my camera could really do so I continued to snap away on “Auto” mode. I and others knew that I had an eye for composition but the quality of my photos lacked in clarity and post editing. I was also shooting in JPG which didn’t allow me to have control over my photos. A couple of years back on a family trip to Hawaii my camera was dropped into the ocean and immediately stopped working. My wife (the one who dropped the camera in the ocean lol) was willing to help me buy a new camera and at that time I figured that I would upgrade to a new camera but not until I promised to learn the functionality of it. I pursued education through on-line and in-person classes, took my camera out in the field and practiced multiple times a week until I got it right. My progress was immediate and the results of all of that practice showed in my photos.

Since I am an avid hiker, most of my photos were landscape photos from the areas I would visit on my hikes but it wouldn’t be long before people started to ask me if I also took photos of people! I didn’t want to limit myself to only landscape type of photos so I took a chance and took a few snaps of friends/family only to find out that I had a real love for taking photos of people mixed with my love for landscape!!!! What a combination it was and what a journey it has been!! It is sad for me to look back at the photos that I had taken in the beginning of my journey only to realize that I had taken them in the wrong format but, the pictures still hold personal value and countless memories for me. The picture above is from Havasupai in Arizona at the beginning of my photography journey. Although it is not the best picture quality it is a place I will never forget. I promised myself to re-visit this place with my new camera and my new skills to see what type of photos would come out of it. Soon….. Very soon. Until then, I will continue to educate myself and have fun in the field with people, landscapes, animals and whatever else crosses my path. I’m excited for what the future is going to bring and I am excited for all of the people that I will get a chance to work with. That feeling of providing someone with a picture that will be cherished for a lifetime is what motivates me as a photographer. Capturing special moments is not only a blessing for those receiving the photo but for me as well.